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When Allen was 4 years old, his father was killed in a car accident that left his mother severely disabled. “It was tough growing up,” he recalls. “By the time I was 16, I had learned to numb my feelings by drinking and smoking marijuana.” He later married, but his destructive behaviors prevented him from being responsible for his family. He and his wife separated and he returned home to care for his ailing mother. [...]


Samone was raised in church. But when she grew older, she strayed away from God as she wrestled with “all the dramas of life”… the times when she needed Him most. The joy she experienced at giving birth to her beautiful little boy was tarnished by the guilt she felt at having him out of wedlock. Then, as she and the baby’s father struggled with the challenges of being young parents, the tension between the [...]


After losing his job… then his car… and finally being forced to leave the home he shared with a relative because of his drug use, 23-year-old Joshua lived on the streets for nearly a year. “I had nowhere else to go,” he says. “I didn’t want to be a burden on my family.” When he grew tired of being cold and hungry, he came to our emergency shelter, where a safe bed and a hot meal [...]


A New Life of Joy and Service After years of using drugs, selling drugs and spending time in prison, James made many attempts to change – to make amends to those he’d hurt and be a better father to his children. But it’s difficult to do the right thing without guidance and opportunities. Knowing he needed a structured foundation on which to rebuild his life, he joined Bridgeport Rescue Mission’s New Life Program. “When I [...]