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Jon-Erik’s Challenge: Surrendering to the Lord

Things were looking very bright for me and I threw it all away,” says JonErik, a resident in our New Life Program. After two years of sobriety, he was studying to become a substance abuse counselor and working as an intern in a ministry like ours. “I was doing counseling and running the kitchen and I loved it,” he says. But when the internship ended and he began a full-time job, the money, he believes, [...]


“I chose to live among those who felt the same way I did… unworthy, unimportant, at the lowest point of my life.” Audrey had been homeless for two years – and was so malnourished that those who knew her didn’t recognize her – when she felt God tugging at her heart. “I began to feel uncomfortable in the crack houses, like I didn’t belong,” she recalls. So she reached out to a relative, and through [...]


Adrienne was struggling. With employment. With finances. With a destructive relationship that caused her to doubt her self-worth and her ability to provide for her children. For her own survival and the well-being of her two little ones – a 10-month-old daughter and a 3-year-old son – she knew her life had to change. “I had to break away,” she says, “to find myself and rediscover my purpose, because I felt like I was making the [...]


“I didn’t have a dad,” Chris says. Although he lived with his mother and sisters, “I was really alone… I had no one to talk to.” Without his father in his life, he grew up with a sense of abandonment… of rejection. When, at age 10, he was abused by someone he trusted, his sense of isolation grew even more severe. Still a child, he began to numb his pain with alcohol. As he grew [...]