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Angel Wants to Thank You

“I didn’t want nobody telling me nothing about God.” Angel blamed God for his little boy’s death. The baby was only 15 days old when he passed away, shattering Angel’s dream of raising a son. After that tragic loss, “I didn’t want nobody telling me nothing about God,” he says. Longing to leave his grief behind, he came to Bridgeport to build a new life. But his sorrow only followed. He began drinking to numb [...]

Jon-Erik’s Challenge: Surrendering to the Lord

Things were looking very bright for me and I threw it all away,” says JonErik, a resident in our New Life Program. After two years of sobriety, he was studying to become a substance abuse counselor and working as an intern in a ministry like ours. “I was doing counseling and running the kitchen and I loved it,” he says. But when the internship ended and he began a full-time job, the money, he believes, [...]


“I chose to live among those who felt the same way I did… unworthy, unimportant, at the lowest point of my life.” Audrey had been homeless for two years – and was so malnourished that those who knew her didn’t recognize her – when she felt God tugging at her heart. “I began to feel uncomfortable in the crack houses, like I didn’t belong,” she recalls. So she reached out to a relative, and through [...]


Adrienne was struggling. With employment. With finances. With a destructive relationship that caused her to doubt her self-worth and her ability to provide for her children. For her own survival and the well-being of her two little ones – a 10-month-old daughter and a 3-year-old son – she knew her life had to change. “I had to break away,” she says, “to find myself and rediscover my purpose, because I felt like I was making the [...]