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Stories of Hope

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Carol is celebrating hope! Your support brings hope to the hurting this Easter.

  “I never thought I was worthy.” Carol’s father left when she was young, and she always felt the absence of his love. Influenced by those around her who abused alcohol, she began drinking too, believing it filled the void she felt inside. As she grew older, the destructive habit escalated, impacting her health and her relationships with those she loved most. “When I was drinking, I didn’t care what I said or if I [...]

Thank you for bringing GREAT JOY to hurting people – You changed Eboni’s life

Eboni never knew her father and always felt the void of not having his love. Although uncles and older brothers did their best to help raise her, it wasn’t enough. “With the awareness that he wasn’t in my life, I sought love in other places,” she says. And through the years, her search drew her into destructive relationships, exacerbated by substance abuse and homelessness. When her mother passed away, she was devastated. She rekindled her [...]

Recovering Who God Made Him to Be

From the time he was little, Jermaine knew God was calling him to ministry. But so many traumas happened during those early years that the calling was drowned out. Jermaine had a safe place he’d go to escape, the space under the stairs where he surrounded himself with the things he loved. His father couldn’t love him because he didn’t stay around to know him. His mother couldn’t love him because she was an addict. [...]

Thank YOU for helping André make a fresh start!

“The Mission gave me a place to trust God.” André – like a lot of teenagers – began using drugs early in life. As an adult, however, his destructive habits landed him in prison. When he was released, he experienced a season of sobriety. But when his marriage fell apart, so did André. “I felt depressed, abandoned, and alone,” he says. He turned to what was familiar to deal with the pain, but the drugs [...]