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Stories of Hope

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Ruben is celebrating Easter with JOY – because of you!

Throughout his adult years, Ruben struggled with negativity and self-degradation, the source of which he never understood. “I was never thinking positive,” he says. “By always doubting myself, I didn’t allow myself to look forward. I thought I was gonna always be at the bottom.” His self-defeating attitude led to broken relationships, substance abuse, struggles with employment and even bouts of homelessness. Finally, one day, as he saw his gaunt reflection in a cracked and [...]

Thanks to you Diane has HOPE this Christmas!

“I owned a home at one point. I had my family. I had a good job.”  But all that changed when Diane met a man who said he loved her but began to control all aspects of her life – where she went, what she wore, who she spoke with, how she spent every penny. “I did have jobs, off and on, but every time I got paid, he would take the money.” Over time, [...]

A Heart of Thanksgiving – Richard wants to share how your support changed his life!

Richard began hanging out with an older crowd – adopting their destructive habits – when he was only 11. His father had left home years earlier, forcing his mother to work several jobs, leaving Richard and his siblings with little supervision. “I started at a very young age to do things normal kids wouldn’t – using and getting into trouble.” He dropped out of school and his substance abuse escalated. Unsuccessful at overcoming his addiction, [...]

Thank you for giving Maribel a new beginning. Because of you, she has joy in her heart this Easter!

Maribel’s childhood home was dark and dangerous, filled with addiction and abuse. “My mom was a violent alcoholic, my father was a drug dealer and I was molested from the age of 7 until I was 13.” Maribel bore deep emotional scars, and before long, she began numbing her pain. “I turned to drugs to forget everything that had happened to me.” Her addiction led her to the streets, where she was assaulted again and [...]