Teresa suffered abuse at the hands of her children’s father and began using drugs to numb her heartache and pain. The tragic situation lasted more than five years and, sadly, she became addicted. “Instead of paying my bills, I would use my money to get high,” she says.

Eventually she became homeless… lost her children… and became seriously ill. “My body couldn’t take any more. I was perishing. I was about to die.” Her grandfather, too, feared for her life, and got her the hospital care she needed. But he was concerned that when released she would return to the same self destructive environment. At the hospital’s suggestion, she came to Bridgeport Rescue Mission and joined our Life Recovery Program.

Teresa struggled at first, and the pull of addiction tempted her to leave our care. But then she thought of her children. “I wanted something different for my son and my daughters,” she says. She also wanted to rebuild her relationship with the Lord. “I knew who He was, but I’d left Him behind.”

Through life-skills development, relapse prevention, work therapy and Bible study, she’s healing physically, emotionally and spiritually, and learning who she is as a child of God. “I found out I’m funny, friendly, loving and caring.” She’s also gaining the strength she needs to control her emotions, be responsible for her actions and make good choices.

“I’m no longer afraid to say no.” Most importantly, Teresa is setting goals for her future. “I want to find a good job, buy a house and be reunited with my kids,” she shares. “I’ll live life to the fullest, never look back and be who God meant me to be.”

Teresa’s heart is overflowing with gratitude this Thanksgiving because YOUR loving support gave her the confidence and support to rebuild her life. “I’m thankful to Bridgeport Rescue Mission for accepting me, helping me change and showing me what life is really about.”

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