“I was looking for a solid foundation with God and I found it here at Bridgeport Rescue Mission”

When Pamela learned the man she loved no longer loved her, she was heartbroken. And the substances she’d used only recreationally became a panacea for her emotions.

“They made me feel like I had no pain and no resentments,” she says, ignoring the danger of her self-destructive habit. Soon addiction took hold and life spiraled out of control. “It took my apartment… my jobs… my dignity… everything,” she says.

As she reached rock bottom, she found herself on the streets – cold, hungry, and fearing for her life.

“It’s horrible when you’re alone out there,” she shares. “You don’t know what can be lurking around the next corner.”

That’s when she decided it was time to change her life. And she knew the only way was through the Lord.

In our faith-based New Life Program, we help individuals like Pamela uncover the root of self destructive behaviors and learn positive ways to heal emotional wounds. “I started to understand about God and who He is and it strengthened me,” she says.

Our life-skills classes, work therapy, and career preparation lay the foundation for a bright and stable future. For Pamela, that means embracing the values of structure and responsibility that she can apply to her life-long goals. She plans to earn her GED and return to school for a business degree so she can develop a business of her own.

And especially important, through Christian fellowship and time spent with other residents, Pamela has embraced the joy of life without the influence of drugs or alcohol.

As Pamela celebrates this Thanksgiving, she feels incredibly thankful for your compassion and support – and how it’s given her a fresh start in life. “I’m alive. I’m happy. I’m content. I’m so grateful I found out who I am in Christ.”

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