“I owned a home at one point. I had my family. I had a good job.” 

But all that changed when Diane met a man who said he loved her but began to control all aspects of her life – where she went, what she wore, who she spoke with, how she spent every penny.

“I did have jobs, off and on, but every time I got paid, he would take the money.”

Over time, he separated her from her loved ones. Afraid of being alone, she participated in his substance abuse and sordid lifestyle to please him.

“Things really got bad and I would sometimes look at myself in the mirror and think, ‘Who are you? What’s wrong with you?’”

Finally, after years in the toxic relationship, Diane found an unexpected means of escape. She went to the hospital because of pain she was experiencing. Although the cause wasn’t serious, the doctor did recognize her loneliness, despair and suicidal thoughts and encouraged her to seek help.

“Now I realize it was the Lord telling me this was my chance to take care of myself.” And He was calling her to Bridgeport Rescue Mission.

“I started recognizing myself again.”

Diane was apprehensive at first, unsure of the journey ahead. But she soon learned her fears were unfounded.

“When you walk into the Mission, you feel love, safety, care and concern.”

In addition to life skills and work therapy, we helped Diane get a birth certificate, Social Security card and other necessities for rebuilding an independent life. Most importantly, she restored her relationship with the Lord.

“I had pushed Him away, and here I was able to find Him again.” Now with God in her heart, she knows she’ll never be alone and always be loved.

Today Diane is preparing to get her license so she can drive a city bus when she leaves our care. She has reunited with her children and forgiven herself for the mistakes of her past.

Diane has hope this Christmas – and she wants to thank YOU for supporting her journey toward a new life. “The Mission is pushing me to do things I thought I would never do. They make you feel loved and help you love yourself again.”

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