Richard began hanging out with an older crowd – adopting their destructive habits – when he was only 11. His father had left home years earlier, forcing his mother to work several jobs, leaving Richard and his siblings with little supervision.

“I started at a very young age to do things normal kids wouldn’t – using and getting into trouble.”

He dropped out of school and his substance abuse escalated. Unsuccessful at overcoming his addiction, he struggled to hold a job and eventually became homeless.

Then he suffered a near-fatal heart attack.

“I was lucky to still be alive,” he says, “and I knew I had to make a change.”

Richard had struggled with his faith, refusing to relinquish control of his life. But now he opened his heart and felt the Lord guiding him to the Mission. When he arrived, and learned we had a bed available, he knew God was waiting and ready to help him.

“I pretty much said, ‘Thanks, God. I surrender and whatever it is You want me to do, I’m gonna do.’”

“What I like about this place is that the door is open for you to get to know who Christ is… who God is… and who the Holy Spirit is.”

In our care, Richard is building a life of sobriety, accountability and service. 

He’s working toward his GED and earning certificates in marketable skills. His chores at the Mission are kindling a desire to help others. And he relishes the opportunity to share God’s life-transforming love with those around him. 

“I’ve had great experiences here with God leading me, inspiring me and building up my confidence,” Richard shares.

But most important, he says, was his decision to surrender to the Lord. “There are rewards when you let God work in your life. I’m grateful I’m here for that to happen.”

Richard is filled with thanksgiving for God’s redeeming love in his life – and your incredible generosity and support! “It’s been a wonderful experience allowing the Lord to transform me. I’ve grown here as a person… a man… and a child of God.”

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