Reggie struggled to forgive… his family and friends… his boss and coworkers… even himself.

The resentment he harbored impacted every area of his life – damaging relationships, limiting employment opportunities and stealing the joy from his heart.

He was working a seasonal job, and when the season ended, he couldn’t afford his rent. He came to the Mission for a place to sleep… and food to eat… until he could get back on his feet. He was encouraged to join our New Life Program, and soon discovered “recovery” isn’t only for those challenged with substance abuse, but with any issue that prevents a person from leading a meaningful and joyous life.

“Forgive Instantly.” That’s Reggie’s favorite class in our program’s faith-based curriculum. “It opened my eyes to a lot of things,” he says. “I’m making amends with those I can – it’s one of the processes here.” Reggie graduated in March and is now participating in our Men’s Supportive Housing Program, where he can stay while he finds a job and a place to live and prepares to return to the community. He has a passion for painting and hopes to one day start his own business.

Today, as joy returns to his heart, he shares these words of thanksgiving with friends like you who have given him a second chance at life: “I’m most grateful for being provided with a living space when I had nowhere else to turn.” From there, he says, good things happened.

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