Markita is filled with Easter hope

“I’ve been running for way too long.”

Markita grew up in a Christian home; her mother was a minister.

But after being sexually assaulted in high school, she lost sight of God – and suppressed her feelings of anguish and shame.

She moved on with her life, earning two college degrees and starting a family. But when her 14-year marriage began to crumble, the distress of her past came rushing back, and she turned to drugs to numb her pain. It led to an addiction that consumed her daily existence and eventually left her homeless.

Finally, devastated by what her life had become – and heartbroken at being separated from her loved ones – she turned her focus back to God.

“I’m tired of being tired,” she prayed. “I’ve been running for way too long. I need to stay clean, focused, and sober – and not just for myself, but for my children too.”

Her prayer was answered when her sister referred her to Bridgeport Rescue Mission.

“I knew this was where God wanted me. I needed to be reeled back in to get my life back in order.”

Today, in our New Life recovery program, she’s healing from the wounds of her past.

“The other ladies in the program and the staff, we all come together and lift each other up in prayer,” she says. “And the tools the Mission has given me have worked tremendously for me. I can go out on my own and remain clean and sober.”

Markita continues to see God’s blessings unfold around her. “Ever since I’ve been here, He has been opening doors, not just for me, but for my children,” she says, describing the exciting education opportunities her son and daughter have received.

As for her own plans, she hopes to work in ministry, introducing other homeless and struggling women to God’s life-transforming love.

Markita is eternally grateful to YOU for your support – and her heart is filled with hope for the future. “Whatever God wants me to do, that’s what I’ll continue to do. And I’m thankful and grateful for that.”

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