A New Life of Joy and Service

After years of using drugs, selling drugs and spending time in prison, James made many attempts to change – to make amends to those he’d hurt and be a better father to his children. But it’s difficult to do the right thing without guidance and opportunities. Knowing he needed a structured foundation on which to rebuild his life, he joined Bridgeport Rescue Mission’s New Life Program.

“When I found out it was a spiritual program, I knew it was where God wanted me,” he says. He excelled in his recovery courses and poured his heart into his discipleship classes. Through work therapy he served meals to hungry people, washed clothes for fellow residents and diligently cleaned the Mission offices. And all the while, James says, “God was teaching me how to serve.”

Last year James went from cleaning the Mission’s facilities to cleaning the house of God when he was offered a position with benefits at Black Rock Church. Today he is also enrolled in college, has a place of his own and is blessed with many opportunities to serve the Lord, including sharing his testimony and experience with inner-city kids. Among his greatest joys has been restoring his relationship with his three children. “Awesome stuff is happening,” he says.

“I give all the glory to God!”