“I chose to live among those who felt the same way I did… unworthy, unimportant, at the lowest point of my life.”

Audrey had been homeless for two years – and was so malnourished that those who knew her didn’t recognize her – when she felt God tugging at her heart. “I began to feel uncomfortable in the crack houses, like I didn’t belong,” she recalls. So she reached out to a relative, and through a chain of events she feels could only have been orchestrated by God, she made a phone call to Bridgeport Rescue Mission.

Now in our faith-based New Life Program, Audrey is embracing opportunities to focus on her relationship with the Lord, on letting go of her past and on the tools she needs to build her future. After just a few months, she is flourishing. “I’ve learned how to deal with things that used to keep me down, how to set boundaries and how to love myself,” she says. Most importantly, “I’ve learned I’m valuable in the Kingdom of God.”

This Easter, Audrey will celebrate a beautiful new beginning – made possible by your compassion and support. “If you could see me now, I’m shining. I’m clean and sober. I’m focused and I love the Lord. There is hope here at Bridgeport Rescue Mission.”


“God picked out the Bridgeport Rescue Mission for me, and it is like the perfect marriage.”

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