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Transforming Lives

Did You Know?  It costs an estimated $17,016 per year or $46.62 per day for each student who participates in our New Life Program.

Homeless men and women battling addiction or other challenges that destroyed their independence and self-esteem find a Christ-centered environment where their physical needs are met and are offered training and guidance to turn their lives around.

This long-term residential program offers students a safe environment in which to heal from addiction and other destructive behaviors. Men and women receive the tools they need to grow strong emotionally, spiritually, academically and physically and to overcome the habits and behaviors that have led to homelessness and return to our community healed and whole.

From a Cycle of Destruction to a New Sense of Hope

“We’re an imperfect people helping imperfect people, but there’s a perfect love that results out of that,” George says today. Click here to hear George’s story.