Monthly Giving Partners

Since its inception in 2009, Monthly Giving Partners has grown to become a source of giving the Mission can count on. This faithful group provides the ongoing support to help care for the homeless and hungry every day of the year, by pledging $15, $25, $35, or more a month to provide food and shelter for our homeless guests. Constant giving allows the Mission a more predictable annual stream of support, which allows us to be better stewards of our resources and, as a result, provide more effective outreach and service to the homeless and poor.

Become part of this dedicated group of individuals who has pledged to send a gift each month allowing us to do our best to give each individual who comes through our doors personal, compassionate assistance, as if he or she were the only one we serve.

For more information, email Donna Romano or call 203-333-4087 ext. 111.