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Food… The First Step Toward a New Beginning

When Deborah lost her job and then her apartment, she fell into the drug scene. For more than 10 years, she had no permanent home. But there was one constant in her life—Bridgeport Rescue Mission’s Mobile Kitchen. “I would go to their site in South Norwalk to get food or clothes or hygiene products. They always provided those,” Deborah says. And we offered something else she needed just as desperately. HOPE.

“There was a woman—a volunteer with the Mobile Kitchen—who would tell me about the Mission’s long-term recovery program,” Deborah recalls. “Her name was Anne, and she would say, ‘I see God working in you. You really need to go to this program. They’ll make changes in your life.’ She wouldn’t give up!” Finally Deborah agreed. She joined our New Life Discipleship Program and opened her heart to God’s love. “I continue to get closer to Him and I realize that over all those years He never abandoned me,” she says. Today we’re helping Deborah find housing and she hopes to return to school for training that will help her secure permanent employment. Her life has been transformed . . . because she first turned to the Mission for a meal.

A volunteer on our Mobile Kitchen, Anne (right), reached out to Deborah and encouraged her to join our New Life Discipleship Program.