A Mother’s Journey to Joy

Beth had a comfortable life with her husband and two young daughters. She had given up her job to be a stay-at-home mom, but depression set in. “That’s where the drinking started,” she shares.

“Alcohol had come in and out of my life, but had never been that important to me,” says Beth. “I understood an alcoholic was someone who had to drink all the time, and if they didn’t, they were miserable. I thought that didn’t apply to me, but it became that way before I knew it. That’s the trick of the disease.”

As a result of her addiction, Beth separated from her husband and was unable to care for her children. When they went to live with relatives, her destructive behaviors only grew worse. She called us for help, and we told her to come right away. “The Mission gave me the opportunity to get out of the hopeless situation I was in,” she says.

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